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All-round carefree service for large appliances. Your reliable companion, because nobody knows your appliance better than we do. From installation and maintenance to repairs. We are there for you.

Feature description

Large appliances All-round carefree service

With Electrolux, you get more than just a quality appliance, you get a reliable companion: no one knows your appliance better than we, who designed and manufactured it. All our service technicians are exclusive Electrolux service technicians, specialized in our products and trained to the highest standards. This enables us to guarantee you the fastest possible, high-quality service. From installation to spare parts, expert assistance, maintenance service or repairs within and outside the warranty, we are there for you.

Your advantages with Electrolux

  • Maximum efficiency: All services directly “from a single source” from the manufacturer 
  • Installation service: Including suitable basic settings and basic instructions 
  • Maintenance service: Can prevent or detect defects at an early stage, ensuring optimum appliance performance and service life 
  • Tenant replacement: Incl. or excl. maintenance service and repair 
  • Repair service: As fast as possible and of high quality, because nobody knows our appliances better than we do 
  • Everything exclusively original Electrolux: From the contact center to the service technician to the spare parts 
  • Flexible appointment booking according to your wishes: By phone or online 
  • B2B (e.g. administrations) and end consumers specialized: We know the individual requirements and offer you the most convenient solution tailored to you 
  • Excellent customer satisfaction: And we guarantee your satisfaction too

Type of integration

Technical integration and linking with ticketing.


100% coverage throughout Switzerland with regional service technicians on site. 

More about Electrolux All-round carefree services

Founded in Sweden in 1919, we are a leading global supplier of household appliances. With Electrolux, you get more than just a quality appliance, you get a reliable companion: we offer you services that extend the life of your appliances even further and - should something happen - make your time as carefree as possible.

Technical feature elements

Allthings role and permissions

Allthings Roles and Permissions feature enables the Solution to inherit roles and permissions directly from Allthings. This means roles and their permissions such as Facility Manager, Property Manager, Asset Manager etc. will be used directly from Allthings.

Cockpit dashboard card

Cockpit Dashboard Card feature enables the asset/property manager to access dashboards generated from the solutions and see open tasks.

Additional information

User flow rating

Level 2 of 3

Available countries

  • Switzerland

Technical feature elements

  • Allthings role and permissions
  • Cockpit dashboard card

Developed for

  • Operation property management
  • Operation tenants

Required solutions

  • Mieterapp und Mieterkommunikation
  • Ticketing

Solution provider

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