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KONE Elevator Status to Pinboard

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Using KONE's digital cloud platform, we enable Allthings to display current and relevant lift service data via the pinboard.

Feature description

With a connected lift, you always have the option to add smart services that optimise the flow of people, make everyday life easier for users and ensure your building is ready for the future. 

With integrated connectivity, you have the freedom to develop your own smart building solutions, allowing you to further customise the lift experience to the needs of your building and the people who use it. 

API Services

KONE API Services offer new ways to interact, co-create and utilise smart building solutions without costly on-site retrofits or integrations.

Connected people flow means your lift solution never stands still. It is an upgradeable and upgradeable solution that allows the building to evolve and increase its value, lifespan and attractiveness. Connectivity allows new people flow solutions and value-adding services to be added over time. 

The future starts now

The partner ecosystem continues to grow, delivering new smart solutions for all areas of life - from accessibility and parking to entertainment and security. And all current and future partner solutions can be easily connected to KONE DX lifts and KONE solutions. We don't know everything the future holds, but we will find the solutions together! 

Technical feature elements

Allthings data structure

This solution uses Allthings data structure, meaning the user, apartment, building and project data will be based on Allthings standard data structure.

Allthings role and permissions

Allthings Roles and Permissions feature enables the Solution to inherit roles and permissions directly from Allthings. This means roles and their permissions such as Facility Manager, Property Manager, Asset Manager etc. will be used directly from Allthings.

Additional information

User flow rating

Level 2 of 3

Available countries

Available for all countries

Technical feature elements

  • Allthings data structure
  • Allthings role and permissions

Developed for

  • Operation property management
  • Operation tenants
  • Operation asset management

Required solutions

  • Community

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