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We allow tenants to create tickets via e-mail or a web form.

Feature description

By activating this solution, the landlord receives a link to a web form and an e-mail address. Tenants can use both channels to open tieckets.

Web form

The URL of the web form can be opened on the management website or via the link in any browser. The guided query enables a comprehensive recording of the request.


The technical e-mail address can be used in two ways to receive tickets.

  • Creating a rule to automatically forward received messages to a generic mail address
  • Manual forwarding of received mails


With both functions, the specified email addresses are assigned to the existing users. If this assignment does not work, the tickets are opened so that they can be assigned later. This means that users without an account can also open tickets and pick up the tenants where they want to open tickets.

With regard to the web form, the url is created according to the following format, which can be accessed by the tenants.

Webform format:[...]ServiceproviderID&connectorId=ConnectorID

The mail address created by the Allthing system can be used as a direct recipient or for forwarding.


Technical feature elements

Allthings data structure

This solution uses Allthings data structure, meaning the user, apartment, building and project data will be based on Allthings standard data structure.

Allthings role and permissions

Allthings Roles and Permissions feature enables the Solution to inherit roles and permissions directly from Allthings. This means roles and their permissions such as Facility Manager, Property Manager, Asset Manager etc. will be used directly from Allthings.

Messaging service integration

Messaging Integration feature enables the Solution to communicate through Allthings messaging functions.

Additional information

User flow rating

Level 3 of 3

Available countries

Available for all countries

Technical feature elements

  • Allthings data structure
  • Allthings role and permissions
  • Messaging service integration

Developed for

  • Operation tenants
  • Operation property management

Required solutions

  • Mieterapp und Mieterkommunikation
  • Ticketing

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