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The perfect solution for single-family homes and businesses. The Single Box consists of a large parcel compartment. This means your parcels are safely stored.

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SchlaueBox Single

The SchlaueBox Single is perfect for single-family homes and companies.

The SchlaueBox Single is a parcel compartment solution consisting of a parcel compartment. It is equipped with a keypad and an electromechanical lock.

There are three standard variants of our single boxes:

M3: The classic mailbox is extended with a parcel compartment.

M2: The mailbox is supplemented with a large parcel compartment.

M1: Free-standing parcel compartment in addition to a classic mailbox.

These three variants are in stock in white aluminum, anthracite gray and dark gray metallic and can be delivered within a week.

The parcel compartment size can be freely selected. Whether XS or XL compartment, everything is possible.


+ Receiving and sending packages independent of courier

+ Standard version in three colors available from stock

+ Operation via SchlaueBox app (Android & iOS)

+ Access can be shared

+ System communication via SIM card

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