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The SchlaueBox Multi - The comprehensive reception and communication solution that offers users, operators and investors real added value.

Feature description

SchlaueBox Multi

The SchlaueBox Multi is a courier-independent, flexible and multifunctional depot station for residential properties! 

The SchlaueBox Multi is a parcel locker solution consisting of several parcel lockers. The parcel lockers can be offered in combination with letterboxes and/or mailboxes. The SchlaueBox can be configured as required in terms of the number of letterboxes and parcel boxes, as well as the size of the parcel boxes.

The systems are equipped with a Linux screen and, if required, a QR code or an RFID scanner for receiving consignments. The SchlaueBox Multi also offers the option of many interfaces, either to intercom systems, building management systems and access solutions. For example, our RFID scanner serves as a combined solution for the

badge not only for the building entrance but also to accept parcels or open the letterbox using the same means. 


  • Flexible and contactless receipt and dispatch around the clock
  • Time saving and high user convenience
  • Identification via user portal, QR scan, PIN entry or RFID tag
  • Key management at the system and in the user portal
  • Optimum coordination of the various functions
  • Protected against unauthorised access
  • Remote management of users and system status via the SchlaueBox web application 
  • Time savings and increased efficiency thanks to online management and digital components (locks, signs, bells)
  • Traceability, analyses and statistics
  • Can be configured and expanded as required thanks to flexible design
  • Advantages when selling and letting lead to an increase in the value of the property
  • Flexible, sustainable and innovative
  • Diverse integration options lead to clean and smooth processes 
  • Analyses and statistics provide important key figures

Technical feature elements

Allthings role and permissions

Allthings Roles and Permissions feature enables the Solution to inherit roles and permissions directly from Allthings. This means roles and their permissions such as Facility Manager, Property Manager, Asset Manager etc. will be used directly from Allthings.

Integrated microapp

Integrated Microapp feature provides a customized microapp for the solution. This means a smoothless integration not only on the backend, but also on the frontend.

Allthings data structure

This solution uses Allthings data structure, meaning the user, apartment, building and project data will be based on Allthings standard data structure.

Additional information

User flow rating

Level 3 of 3

Available countries

Available for all countries

Technical feature elements

  • Allthings role and permissions
  • Integrated microapp
  • Allthings data structure

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