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JAROWA offers digital access to craftsmen and other service providers. All relevant craftsmen in CH are already fully digitally available on JAROWA, some already integrated with interface.

Feature description

JAROWA is the leading platform for connecting service providers. 

The solution impresses with an extreme depth of functionalities with extremely simple handling and complete integrability (up to invisibility) into other applications such as tenant portals/cockpits like for example Allthings. 

All relevant service providers in Switzerland nowadays work in some form with JAROWA, many already have an integration into their own ERP or this is in planning. 

JAROWA now employs almost 100 people and is active throughout Europe. All data for the Swiss platform is located in Switzerland. JAROWA is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. With JAROWA's solutions, customers mainly gain: 

- Efficiency in order management of up to 25% 

- Transparency during the whole order process

- Optimized price / performance ratio in purchasing

- More satisfied service recipients

 We are happy to provide a demonstration of the solution on site or via TEAMS.

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Technical feature elements

Allthings data structure

This solution uses Allthings data structure, meaning the user, apartment, building and project data will be based on Allthings standard data structure.

Allthings role and permissions

Allthings Roles and Permissions feature enables the Solution to inherit roles and permissions directly from Allthings. This means roles and their permissions such as Facility Manager, Property Manager, Asset Manager etc. will be used directly from Allthings.

Integrated microapp

Integrated Microapp feature provides a customized microapp for the solution. This means a smoothless integration not only on the backend, but also on the frontend.

Additional information

User flow rating

Level 3 of 3

Available countries

Available for all countries

Technical feature elements

  • Allthings data structure
  • Allthings role and permissions
  • Integrated microapp

Developed for

  • building
  • Operation asset management
  • Operation tenants

Required solutions

  • Ticketing
  • Mieterapp und Mieterkommunikation

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